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Private Air Travel: Better Prices Than You May Expect

Can’t afford a flight on a luxury jet? Think again. Private airlines are following in the footsteps of the hotel industry and offering savvy customers late fares on their unused flight spaces.

Last-Minute Deals:  Shifts in the Industry

This move to last-minute deal makes the formerly unattainable heights of private air travel within the reach of smart shoppers. These rates aren’t always advertised, but they can be found and snapped up if you know where to look.

Naturally, last-minute deals may not be the ideal choice for those with planned holiday, but moves like this mean that the landscape of air travel is changing in favour of convenience, and creating a win-win situation for both the airline and the customer: seats filled for the airline, bargain price for the customer.

Good News for the Wealthy

For high net worth individuals, jet ownership comes with costly drawbacks. There are a handful of airlines that offer monthly membership to its services. In the USA, companies offer memberships in the region of $2000 per month, for unlimited internal flights.

The result of airlines offering this kind of membership means that wealthy individuals may no longer need the use of their own private jets, and instead opt for the on-demand services of this type of airline offer, thereby safeguarding their assets and protecting their capital.

The Future of Flight


The changes we’ve witnessed in the airline industry seem to be paving the way for greater convenience and flexibility when it comes to travelling overseas. There have been a number of companies that seek to make air travel more ‘on-demand’ – VistaJet is one of these.

With emphasis on convenience, air travel looks like it’s set for great change for the consumer. Effectively, private air travel could be available to us as easily as we can order a taxi, allowing us to bypass all the tedium that comes with airport travel.

Changes for Airline Passengers

With improvements in aviation technology constantly fuelling changes in the commercial industry, the whole airport and air travel experience will inevitably become a lot different to how we know it today.

Helsinki airport has become the first in Europe to offer travellers ergonomic sleeping pods to combat the oft-seen bench-sleeping delayed passenger’s plight. Liquid restrictions could also see changes with new MRI technology that could be used to screen for dangerous substances.

It remains to be seen how mainstream air travel will actually change in the near future, but one thing’s for sure, private air travel looks set to be more available and at a lower price.

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