Unique Home Features You Can Find Only In Florida

There is a white concrete house with several windows and brown doors.

No place in the world is like home. This famous saying is true on so many levels. Yes, nothing can replace the sense of safety one may feel once he finds himself in the coziness of the place called home. But, have you ever asked yourself- is there anything special about my home that makes it different from all the rest? Well, the truth is that the country you live in may in a way dictate the style in which your home will be constructed. Let’s take a look at one such a case. Here are some unique home features you can find only in Florida.

About the Sunshine State

Florida is situated in the southeastern part of the United States of America. On the west, it is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, and on the east by the width of the Atlantic Ocean. And it is precisely this ocean proximity that has a significant impact on the everyday life and culture in this USA state. There is practically no place in the state that is, in a way, far from the ocean. And this logically dictates Florida’s climate, which is mostly tropical or subtropical. So, if one day Purple Heart Moving Group takes you to the coasts of Florida, you’d better be ready for high temperatures and very hot summers. Thus, it’s nothing strange that this warmest state in the USA bears the nickname of the Sunshine State.

One of a kind homes in Florida

Like we mentioned before, day to day life in Florida is formed by the characteristic climate features of the state. One pretty obvious example is the architecture of homes in Florida, which is somehow different from many others you may know.

1. It’s all about the windows

The long-lasting hot weather, and the average daily temperatures going not below 22 degrees Celsius, bring a lot of heat into the homes in Florida. Therefore, it should not be surprising that their house architecture cherishes a great number of windows and verandas. Air circulation is definitely their best ally in the everyday fight with the heat. What’s more, these house designs are in accordance with the Mediterranean and Spanish architecture styles, which are quite prominent influences in Florida.

There is a room with a table, some chairs and several huge windows, which is one of unique home features you can find only in Florida.

Another influence

On the other hand, alongside these European influences, there is yet another present and prominent style- coastal contemporary one. This one is, of course, mostly specific for the coastline part of the state. Here again apart from the modern concept of high ceilings, we notice very large windows. Thanks to them, you will have the everyday delight of fresh sea breeze and natural light in the comfort of your own home.

2. The vast outdoors

If you are an outdoor activity lover, Florida is a place for you. Namely, you’ll be happy to hear that one of the specific features of homes in Florida is a spacious outdoor area. So, prepare your best floral dresses and enjoy organizing all those favorite gatherings in the vast patio of your living space. However, as you may guess, this architectural characteristic is not accidental at all. Yet again, the practical side of it is inevitable. It’s much easier to deal with the warm climate if you don’t have to spend the whole day trapped in the house.

3. Reinforced with concrete blocks

Now, apart from the hot weather, people in Florida have to face some weather disasters, as well. For example, thunderstorms are common occurrences, usually from spring to autumn. Approximately during the same period, Florida residents have a huge treat of severe hurricanes. And, at the top of everything, Florida is a leading state in the USA when it comes to the number of tornadoes per area.

But there is a solution

Having all this in mind, it is not strange at all that Florida homes are mostly reinforced with concrete blocks. This important feature is about to make the whole construction stronger, and thus more durable when faced with these harsh weather conditions. So, don’t be worried, this problem is solved. Come to Florida, bring your best summer clothes and enjoy its many charms. What’s more, these concrete blocks provide excellent isolation from the unavoidable and all present heat.

There is a close-up picture of a coconut tree in the wind.

4. Specific roofs

Yet another wind of strong influence of Spanish and Mediterranian styles, bring to Florida specific tiled roofs. This roof style is, naturally enough, provoked by the given climate conditions that people in this state needed to adapt. Straightforward roofing styles are not durable enough and are not able to resist possible harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, tiled roofs provide enough sturdiness, and are much more appropriate for the homes in Florida. And here again, we come to the point of isolation, since this roofing style will definitely keep the house cooler during the hot days.

5. The question of basements

And, finally, we came to the last specific feature of homes in Florida that we are going to talk about. Namely, there is a frequent absence of basements. Since most of Florida’s area is close to the water, constructing any kind of cellar in the house is not a very smart idea. Water that is accumulated in the ground due to the state’s specific position and weather conditions can cause potential water damages. This is why most of the architects in Florida, when giving you ideas for your living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, would never recommend you have a home with a basement. Just another good and useful precaution measure, don’t you think?

There are two women running at the beach, and there are some coastline houses in front of them.

Every place has its own style. Something that makes it different from the rest of the world. With significantly specific weather conditions form the rest of the USA states, Florida has built its own home style. It offers strong, durable houses, with so many unique home features you can find only in Florida. So, give it a chance and meet its advantages.

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