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Easy Summer Trends for Everyone to Enjoy

Sometimes trends come along that leave you scratching your head – why would anyone want to wear that?  Other times, there are elements of the trend you can buy into and others that simply don’t work for your style – neon is one of those!  But there are a number of mini trends for this summer that work for most anyone and are easy to get into.

Cold shoulder tops

The cold shoulder tops are everywhere on the high street at the moment and there’s something very attractive about them.  These tops have the off the shoulder look that has always been very sexy but relieve the worry about flashing everything that comes with wearing them by adding straps.  The result is a bare shoulder top – hence ‘cold shoulder’ – that has the off the shoulder look but the reassurance of straps of various sizes.

These tops are quite Boho too, if you are into that trend.  Often the off shoulder sleeves are made with ruffles and layers of fabric for a floaty look and work well in gauze materials to pair with a favorite bra or bikini top.

Everything’s all white


White is very much the essential summer color and pairs with almost anything.  But the big trend for this summer is to pair white with white for that all-white look.  Throw in a pair of strappy sandals or chunky heels and even a big floppy white straw hat for the sunshine feel.  You can also add a little hit of color with your accessories, allowing you to alter the feel of the look when needed.

Boyfriend fit jeans

Leggings and jeggings are great but when the sun is up and you are relaxing by the pool, checking social media or get on with online casino, the tight fitting pants are something a little uncomfortable.  The boyfriend fit jean on the other hand is the opposite and the ripped and destroyed details many of them include add another trend into the look.  They often can be rolled up for that ankle length look that works so well with ankle strap sandals.

Floral prints


Another bit of a Boho style is the floral print and they are a big trend for this summer.  You can go as full on as you want, from a subtle flower to an intense pattern and it works for dresses, skirts, tops and even pants.  Even adding just a touch of floral is simple – a flower pattern scarf wrapped around your floppy summer hat is a nod to the trend.

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