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How to Embrace Neon Without Looking Like a Glow stick

Lots of trends return after a time and we embrace them, sometimes with enthusiasm and sometimes with trepidation.  One of this summer’s trends that definitely needs serious consideration before diving into is the return of neon.  So how do you embrace neon without looking like a kid’s glow stick?

Careful use


Back in the 1980s, when neon first came along, it was popular with teenagers and even younger kids.  Remember those fluffy neon socks?  And wearing green on one foot and pink on the other?  As an adult, the enthusiasm for these eye-watering shades is far less than as a kid.  Yet sensible fashion designers seem to have embraced these shocking colors – but in a clever way.

Wearing neon is about using it almost as an accent.  Whatever color you decide to go with, use it sparingly.  For example, say you decide that neon green is your thing – a perfect partner is either black or navy blue.  Either that or add it with neutral shades such as greys or whites.  Whatever you do, don’t try to go head to toe in these shades or you may find you will be sitting at home playing online bingo on your cellphone because no-one will go anywhere with you!



If you are a keen follower of trends but can’t quite bring yourself to actually wear a piece of clothing in a neon shade, then why not embrace the trend through your accessories?  Hot neon pink is a popular option, with Stella McCartney being one who has included it in her range, a simple belt in this shade working well with a number of outfits including dark and neutral shades.

Bags are another safe way to introduce the neon into your outfit with even neon yellow looking good when it comes from a really high quality brand.  Avoid rucksacks and satchels in these shades though, else you risk looking like you have stolen your kid’s bag!

Neon shoes have been around for a while and professional sports people seem to be helplessly drawn to them.  Soccer players in particular seem to throw caution to the wind and jump on board with the neon footwear trend.  Many of the big brands of sneakers are also using these shades, some in moderation and some in an all-out way.  Everything from platforms to flip flops can be found in these colors and add that something different to your look.

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