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How to Pick the Right Glasses for your Summer Vacation

Tickets, passport, swimsuit, sunscreen, sun hat… when it comes to packing for a summer vacation there are some things that you just cannot travel without. If you wear glasses, you’ll probably be all too conscious of keeping those safe, and may even choose to pick a new pair to complement your summer wardrobe. However, if you struggled to pick out a pair of specs for everyday wear, the idea of choosing something to suit your vacation style may fill you with dread. Just how should you go about choosing the right pair of eyeglasses?

Picking the right pair of glasses for your vacation


Okay, first things first: it’s time to think about the type of vacation you’re going on, and how your glasses will be used. Are you a beach reader or a sun sleeper? Are you affected by short or long sightedness? Will you be driving a lot? Sunglasses are an absolute must if you’re heading out into the sun – whether that’s on the beach, in the city, or even among the mountains – while reflective specs can be great for driving, and reading glasses should be packed if you intend on cozying down with a book on your sun lounger.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to choose a style; casual, rounded frames, smaller sophisticated specs, and chunky, vintage glasses are all on trend at the moment, but the shape you plump for will all depend on your face shape. Narrow or rectangular frames, for example, will complement round faces, while large, bold frames will suit those with longer faces. In terms of color, pastel shades are in this summer, as are two-tone effect classic wayfarers, bold and colorful 60s inspired eyewear, and exaggerated rounded pairs.

Don’t forget… make a note of your prescription and carry it on vacation with you; this will ensure you always have it to hand should your glasses get lost or broken while you’re away from home. It may also be a good idea to take a second, backup pair with you, and always ensure that they are stored in a hardwearing case whenever you’re not wearing them.

Alternatives to glasses


With the added fun that comes with heading on vacation is the extra worry that can follow wearers of glasses, wherever they go. There’s nothing worse than a lens scratched by the sand, or leaving your specs behind on a lounger, and replacing eyewear can be incredibly expensive. If you’re planning an ultra-fantastic summer holiday but don’t want to spend your days wondering where your glasses are (they’re on your head), now may be the time to start thinking about contact lenses or other alternatives to wearing glasses, such as laser eye surgery.

If you suffer from a long-term, or serious vision complaint such as cataracts, surgery may well become a tempting option, offering freedom from glasses and lenses, and the opportunity to accessorize your outfits without worrying about packing eyewear at all. Are you worried about undergoing such a procedure before your vacation? Registered clinics such as the Nashville Laser Cataract Surgery are experts in eye care, and will talk you through each step of the procedure during an initial consultation, and throughout your treatment should you proceed. The decision to go under the knife – or laser in this case – should never be taken lightly, although the increasing popularity of the procedure as an alternative means it can always be a consideration.

So, there you have it – the right eyewear for every kind of trip, and a few ideas for inspiration besides. How will you choose to enjoy your vacation?

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