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Looking to challenge your fashion senses while staying at home? Found a way to safely travel during a pandemic? Regardless of whether you’re heading out into the world again or staying at home, a wardrobe upgrade can always freshen things up.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe trend has been raging on YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram, for the last several years. First used in the 1970s by London-based boutique owner Susie Faux, the idea has spread through social media like wildfire over the last few years. Away from bright colors and wild, one-time looks of the 2000s, shoppers and fashion outlets have moved more toward minimalism and intentional purchases built to last. A capsule wardrobe is essential for any proper fashionista. The idea is to buy a limited number of high quality pieces that won’t wear out easily and won’t go out of style. This idea has also gained popularity for fashion lovers concerned with sustainability — as well as saving money.

And whether you’re staying home and looking to simplify or getting out into the world again, a capsule wardrobe can solve so many of your problems.

But what goes into a proper capsule wardrobe? You’ll want pieces to move in, but that look chic wherever you go. Buying pieces in solid colors with a few fun patterns mixed in is a great strategy. About 12 well-intentioned items can make an incredibly versatile capsule wardrobe.


Ask yourself: do I really need more than two pairs of pants? If you’ve Kon-Maried your way down to the bare minimum, make sure you have a comfy pair of joggers in your closet. They’re great for traveling or for chilling because they’re soft, durable, and have elastic in all the right places. For an occasion calling for more structured pants, add in a favorite pair of jeans. The bottom half of your capsule wardrobe (and yourself for online meetings) is covered!

Skirts & dresses

Does anyone really like dress pants? No? All stiff and constantly in need of ironing? Then capsulize a dress or two and call it a day. Have one for layering and one for fancier occasions. A basic dress can go the distance, often with a cardigan or light blazer. Hang up a basic cotton or linen skirt, regardless of the length, and now you’ve got options.


Your local climate will determine which tops you wear the most, but there are always the essential basics. Have you got a camisole or two? A crisp white button up? Then it’s time to move on to the most fun part of the capsule wardrobe: the t-shirts. Aside from the classic comfort of the tee, the whole purpose of the t-shirt is to express yourself. Find one with a funny quote, or a wild graphic pattern, and show off who you are.


What, you say you don’t have anything great to simply relax in? Then you simply must splurge on some loungewear. Since naps are now an essential part of the day, whether you’re finally en route somewhere or still hanging around the house, everyone should have some great clothes for snoozing.

Need more help idealizing your perfect capsule wardrobe? This video and this video have got you covered. Treat yourself to peace of mind and streamlined laundry — go capsule!

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