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The Perfect Floral Dress

It is that time of the year; the florals are out! Indeed, we will get to see a lot of floral patterned clothes this season. The fun, flirty and feminine appeal of flower-printed clothes add more charm to spring. Whether it is daises, roses or lilies, a floral dress can be worn for different occasions.

The fashion icon of Lucky Pants Bingo, Betty Balls, knows everything when it comes to fashion. For now, she is giving away some of her secrets when it comes to picking the right floral dress for different occasions. But, if you want some more tips, you can pop into any of the online bingo rooms at Betty will surely be there to give other fashion tips, while you play some of the best bingo games.

Here’s what Betty suggests:

Tea Time Garden Party

Be inspired by Kate Middleton’s looks! A lady-like A-line dress will only flatter your figure and show your feminine side. The most appropriate dresses for these occasions should be of light colours like pale blue or simply white. The dress should also look semi-formal which is of knee-length. Plus, small floral patterns which cover only few parts of the dress, either the lower or the upper part, will look perfect.

Bohemian Picnic

It will be just perfect to wear a comfortable, flowing dress when it comes to a breezy day in the park. Betty suggests that you should wear a dress which is long, thus a maxi dress. To feel the cool wind while you sit, it is advisable to choose a sheath sleeveless dress. A dress riven as from the upper legs till the feet, will be just breath-taking.

Rooftop Cocktails

Cocktail dresses do not always have to be black. Bold floral printed dresses can make an impression as well, as it looks classy. For these occasions, make sure your dress is only a few centimetres about the knee, to make it look classy without being too revealing. The best types of dress styles for this occasion will be either a full skirt, wrap or spaghetti strapped. As for the colours, it is preferable to select a white dress which consists of colourful flowery patterns either on both sides of the dress or spread across.

Brunch on the Veranda

For a brunch with friends, try to look different by adding a floral touch. Betty would go for a dress styled as empire waist, sheath, halter or shift as it adds to the figure and brings on the feminine look. When it comes to colours, opt for dark colours such as navy blue, watermelon green or grey patterned with light coloured flowers. Add a glamour touch to the dress by adding a belt.

Dinner and Dancing

Be yourself and pave the extra mile by entering your next black tie event in a floral outfit. Let the wind catch you on the dance floor while your flowers flow. But choose your dress carefully as it will give a new image of yourself. Betty advises you to select a maxi dress which is either a silhouette, classy or a glittering one with large floral patterns.

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