How to Winterize a Toronto House

Toronto is no stranger to winter. The coldest the temperature ever dropped to was −31.3 °C in 1981, a blistering cold that would scare away most people. If you’re one of the brave millions of people who live in Toronto, here’s what you can do to protect your home from harsh winters like that one.

Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Many don’t think of this step, but by changing the ceiling fan direction, you can help move the hot air down to you and will make sure your home is evenly heated. The rotation of air will keep your heating unit from always running as well.

Remove Any Window AC Units

Although it would be nice to have air conditioning built into your home, only 42% of Canadians had a central air conditioner. It would help if you pulled out those window units before the cold sets in, or you could end up losing money when it leaks your warm air out into the neighborhood.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned

A significant part of real estate in Toronto is whether or not your home has a chimney. A chimney can save money on heating- but it can also put your life at risk if it’s not maintained correctly. Have a professional check your fireplace before the temperatures drop to make sure it’s in working order.

Check All Windows And Doors

If you have any cracked windows or notice a draft that you’ve never fixed, now is the time to focus on them. Windows can be expensive to replace, but you’ll save money on heating costs in the winter. You can use a thick caulk to close any gaps around the frames that have you worried.

Bulk Up Inefficient Windows

It’s not in everyone’s budget to replace their windows, and many rent and can’t put that kind of money into a property they don’t own. You can insulate windows cheaply using bubble wrap. A large tube doesn’t cost more than ten dollars, and you can cover all of your windows with it.

Consider Making a Draft Sealer For Doors

Also called draft snakes, these inexpensive creations are capable of stopping airflow. You can make one by sewing a long tube of fabric and filling it with rice or sand. They can also get purchased on sites like Etsy.

Get Storm Doors

These outer doors that protect your home in harsh weather may be the only thing that makes it possible for your family to leave your home if snow picks up. They also double as insulation that will help your home keep warm and save money.

Check Your Furnace Ahead of Time

Don’t wait for winter to hit for you to check your furnace! Before the weather starts to cool down, have your furnace and other heating equipment checked to make sure it still works. It could put your family’s lives in danger if you get caught unprepared in the cold.

The Toronto winter doesn’t have to be so scary, as long as you plan. Take steps to keep your wallet and your home in mind, and you’ll be able to weather this winter.

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