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4 Best Tips On Planning A Great Summer Wedding

Summer weddings can be fun if you plan them well. With the sun and outdoor ambiance, organizing a fabulous event can be a bit daunting. However, if you put in a little diligence and keep the following tips in mind, you can easily make your big day worth the effort and entirely memorable.

Take Care To Include Proper Shade

Apart from choosing the best location for the wedding and planning the guest list, you need to focus on the decor for the event. The guests need to be protected from the sun, so make sure you have nice shades installed that match the theme and overall aesthetics. If you want, you can also include air-conditioning features within the festooning, as most of the professional event planners or tent services provide such facilities. Add a nice cooling effect with some great flowers. The heat can be a nuisance for some attendees, so you don’t want any bad guest experiences that may spoil your planned event.

Cold Beverages & Summer Cuisine

When planning for food to be served to the guests, make sure you have ice buckets with water bottles or lemonade to cool off the heat waves. Ask your chef to present light delicacies ideal for summers like cold sardine sandwiches and BBQ ribs. Make sure, there are cold refreshments available throughout the event to help ward off the summer heat. Another good idea is to include frozen fruit desserts, ice cream, and Gazpacho shooters or grilled fruit skewers to the menu. Most of these items will be loved by the guests and they’ll appreciate the effort you have put in to provide them with luscious delicacies.

Wear Light, Breathable Attire

You should also take some time to plan an outfit that is light and breathable, something that goes well with your wedding theme. If you’re opting for a short bridal dress, choose pure silk because that works great in summers. Avoid the use of excessive layerings like caps and gowns; that can add to the heat. If you’re going to be wearing a veil, use a short thin-layered design that facilitates a more cooling effect. For grooms, it’s better to use suits made of thin fabric, preferably in beige or earthy hues for the perfect look.

Bug Spray & Sunscreens

Another good idea for a brilliant summer wedding is to give your guests sun balm to apply during the day event. It’s also vital that the bridal use sunscreen for avoiding the harmful UV rays of the sun. Exposed skin during summers can cause skin health concerns, so steer clear of that by applying a sunscreen with a good SPF formula. The guests should have access to wet wipes and sunblock products. You might consider placing some near the ceremony area and the guest lounge. It’s also a good idea to make use of bug spray and insecticides for a safer environment and a great event on a nice summer day.

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