Are you as tired as I am of the traditional method of going clubbing – contacting promoters to get on guestlists and reserve bottle service? Have you ever been promised a VIP spot, a table, or even entrance to a place and then shady promoters and the like don’t come through? Are you sick of all the complexity that comes with something that should be so much simpler? There is a new app out there that streamlines and simplifies the process for you – the Discotech Bottle Service App.

Discotech was invented after a group of disgruntled and tech-savvy nightclub goers reserved a table and was charged twice the price upon arrival. After this unfortunate experience, they decided to pool their resources and solve the problem with their technical and business expertise.

Since the initial concept, many new features have been added.  Not only can you reserve tables/bottle service, you are also able to discover events happening in the cities and clubs of your choice, track where DJs are playing, add yourself to free or discounted guest lists, and buy tickets to events (powered by Wantickets)  all in one app.

Sign-up is absolutely free, and another cool feature that this app rocks is its loyalty program. This tracks your expenditures and when you reach certain goals, you are rewarded with free bottles. Think of it like an air miles program, but for nightclubs. Ok, no, but you get the idea. You could also say it’s the “Open Table For Nightclubs”, or that it’s applying many of the same principles used by Uber, Lyft, etc.

The app is currently live in Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, and Miami, with plans to soon be expanding to Chicago, and Washington DC. Over 80 of the country’s best nightclubs are currently on board, and more are joining all the time. They plans to continue expanding aggressively and to offer customers more and more options. Most of their users are based in the Los Angeles area and use the app for bottle service in LA. You can also use Discotech to view and plan all your options for guestlist and bottle service in Las Vegas.

The app is of course available for both iPhone and Android. They also have a website that you can use to browse events, sign up for guest lists, and book tables from your computer.

So if you’re ready to enjoy faster, easier clubbing experience, you should take a serious look at Discotech. You have nothing to lose – if and when Discotech reaches critical mass, we could finally see the demise of that sort of sleazy promoter, and you’ll never have to hear that you’re not on the list ever again!

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