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Old and New Style of Furniture in the Modern Age

I know we’ve written a bit about furniture here and here already, but I wanted to expand on the subject a bit. Plus, not everybody is in a bachelor pad 😉

Today’s consumer has more choice than anyone ever has had before in history. It has even been said that a person on welfare in 2016 has more choices than a king of a large country did 500 years ago. And I think there’s some truth to that.

There are several basic styles of furniture, as defined in this page.  We have traditional, which looks basically like you think it would look, all ornate and imposing. We have country-style, which is similar to traditional, but not as fancy; it has more of a “soft” look. Then there is rustic, which has a more organic feel to it, and is famous for its durability if not its portability. Contemporary has a sleek, modern look to it.  Transitional is kind of in-between traditional and contemporary. Casual is like contemporary, but more plush and usually more practical. Then there are more specialized styles such as mission and eclectic.


So when it comes to choosing furniture, we can often feel overwhelmed by choices, for obvious reasons. Let’s see if we can’t help you narrow it down a bit.

The most important thing is to do it without rushing and with a cool head. There are some really good pointers to choosing furniture to be found here. But I’d like to add a few other points not mentioned in that otherwise excellent article:

1) Look at the space is going in. For example, it would be silly to have a stately Victorian home with all the trim and detail that comes with it, and fill it with ultra post-modern furniture. If you think of matching the furniture to the space, it makes it much easier to narrow down.

2) Be consistent. Choose a style, or at most two very closely related styles of furniture, and stick with it throughout the whole living space. This isn’t boring. There will still be lots of options left.

Lastly, I just want to mention my flair for French Provincial furniture styles. I think they are an amazing combination of elegant and simple and they work in so many different spaces. It’s not entirely unknown but I just wanted to mention it here as what I think is still a bit of an underrated style and great value for the money.

So now armed with a little more knowledge about the subject it should be that much easier to go out and furnish your space with style.

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