Why Send Graduation Save The Dates

Graduating is no small feat. Such a major milestone in life deserves to be celebrated. Graduation save the dates are usually sent to inform friends and family to note your graduation date on their calendars as soon as possible. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg doing so, amazing yet cheap graduation announcements will still work perfectly.

Here’s are reasons to ensure you send graduation save the dates:

  • It’s A Great Way to Be Thankful

Did you have people who helped you get to where you are? Maybe a family member or friend who went out of their way and stepped in when you really needed them. Sending graduation save the dates to those who made a difference in your life is a great way of thanking them for all the support and love.

  • Stay Top of Mind

Graduation parties can bring up contentious issues among families and friends of those graduating in the same class. Nearly everyone who graduates usually holds a party almost immediately or after a couple of days.

The sooner you send out your save the dates, the better. As such, if anyone has the same party dates as you, you can inform them that you planned yours well in advance. Besides, no one can accuse of trying to steal the spotlight of another graduate.

  • As A courtesy to Your Out of Town Guests

Friends and family from out of town will need time to prepare for their trip if they’ll be attending your graduation celebration. After all, the best time to purchase affordable flight tickets is 2 months prior. And the truth is, your guests will appreciate the heads up.

  • To Share Your Beautiful Graduation Photos

Graduation photos are some of the most amazing pictures you’ll ever take, and they don’t come cheap. Share those incredible pics and make the best of them by using a few in your graduation’s save the dates. Your loved ones will definitely appreciate the beautiful photos. In addition, it makes a great keepsake. And when you find a copy years from your graduation, you’ll certainly appreciate the incredible memories it will bring.

  • To Jumpstart your Planning

Graduation parties need to be planned as early as possible rather than waiting until the last minute. Look at it this way: you don’t graduate every other day. So, you’ll want to go all out to honor this significant milestone.

The process of sending out your graduation save the dates will also encourage you to plan for other important details such as booking a venue, choosing party decorations, finding caterers, among other things.

  • It’s A Fantastic Way to Keep in Touch

Of course, social media is an excellent way of keeping in touch with family and friends. But for those loved ones who are far away, college graduation invitations will give you the chance to finally see them and catch up.

During the days and even weeks following your graduation, your loved ones are likely to send all kinds of gifts to help you celebrate your accomplishments. It’s best to express your gratitude for such kind gestures and acts with custom thank you cards to all the gift-givers.

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