Four Legal Ways to Get Energized

There are more options out there now than ever before in this world for someone to get their energy levels up when they need it. Some are more popular than they should be, some are more legal than others, and some simply work a lot better than others. Let’s look at a few of them that maybe get a little overlooked:

1) Nicotine Gum

This actually works a lot better than people may think it does! It’s not overly expensive, very widely available, and definitely does the job. You have to remember to put it under your tongue and not chew it excessively though, or you’re going to get a huge case of the hiccups! There are also nicotine tablets available that eliminate this little complication. The downsides to this are: if you’re already resistant to nicotine, it doesn’t work as well, and if you are not, you may experience a slight queasy feeling which can be a distraction at best.

2) Endorphins

This is obviously kind of a long-term solution, but vigorous exercise, as much as it tires you out in the extreme short term, actually raises your energy levels significantly after all is said and done. This also is a much bigger difference in energy we are talking about than people often give it credit for. The downsides to this are that it requires time and effort out of your busy schedule and it’s not a short term solution.

3) Prescription Meds

The most popular of these would be Adderall, although there are many others. They all work similarly, and have similar benefits and drawbacks. The chief benefit is actually really the same as the chief drawback: you WILL get a massive burst of energy that lasts for a long time. It’s very hard to not overdo it with this class of substances. These could be recommended, perhaps, for professional performers or athletes, or others who need extended energy and lots of it over time, but for many normal real life situations they are just overkill. Which brings us to the final option:

4) Afinil-Series Meds (non-prescription)

This is the last and for many situations the best option.  You can get them usually through your doctor, but they are cheap and doctors often want to push expensive stuff on you. You can also get them easily online at a place like this. The advantage is that you can control the strength and dosage of the medication that you want and scale just how much energy you need, unlike previous options. This allows you much more precise control over your schedule and lifestyle. This is massively important, and in the end is a net reducer of stress.

So in conclusion, you now have some options for giving yourself an energy boost you may not have thought about previously. Go and try some of them out and let me know what you think. Maybe it’s time to lay that old cup of coffee down once and for all!

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