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How Technology is Changing the Bathroom for the Better

We are well used to technology changing our lives in a host of different ways.  From smartphone to smart electricity meters, smart cars and even potentially smart fridges, the Internet of Things is a growing phenomenon.  Now it is expanding into the bathroom with a range of technology that makes everything about the most functional room better and more efficient.

Steam showers



The power and uses of steam is not a new idea but the addition of steam showers to the bathroom is – these revolutionary new styles of shower are becoming popular around the world.  The idea first occurred in the 1960s then tapered off but new technologies have allowed the idea to come back in a big way.  Even making a bathroom into a steam room where the whole family can relax together is now possible with the use of the right equipment and the right tiling around the area.

High-tech toilets

The toilet may not seem an area that much technology can be incorporated into but that isn’t the case.  It is already common across Asia to find automatic toilets that don’t need paper – they use temperature controlled water, spritzing wands and automatic dryers!  Self-cleaning toilets are a little more the traditional style but that use antimicrobial seats to ensure that extra level of clean.  Even motion sensors to raise and lower toilets lids are now available to avoid those ‘who left the toilet seat up/down’ arguments.

Soaking baths


The pleasure of the bath as a place for quiet, relaxation and unwinding after the chaos of the day is something that has become a central part of the daily life for many.  This has led to the development of many new styles of bath.  The Japanese style soaking tub is one idea, with no shower associations while modern tub faucets that pour water over the whole tub are popular.  Air baths use massage jets to create bubbles of warm air in a hot springs inspired idea while mood enhancing lighting built into the bath helps relaxation.

Technology in the bathroom

Then there are the technologies we think of as associated with other parts of the house that are making their way to the bathroom.  Waterproof TVs are one example, allowing you to watch TV while in the shower without risk of electrocution.  LCD panels to operate shower temperature, water flow and steam as well as light effects and music are also now widely available.

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