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Swimwear Trends for Your Summer Holiday

A big part of getting ready for the summer holidays, whether going abroad or doing a staycation, is looking at the latest swimwear and deciding what works for you.  We all got a hint of what would be big on the beaches with Swim Week last July in Miami where designers all showcased what trends would be popular around the pool for 2016.  But which of these swimwear trends will be the one for you?

Carry over trends

Some trends have remained popular from 2015 and with good reason.  The sporty cut away bikini is a great one if you don’t like those ultra-minimal styles and want a little more coverage.  It combines carved away sections that shows off the shoulders and sides with a shape that accents off the bust perfectly – without those awkward pop out moments due to the high neck.  This style of bikini is a real all-rounder – it looks great while you sit beside the pool, relaxing and playing a game of free online bingo on your cellphone as well as while you do a few lengths in the pool or walk along the promenade.

Lace up styles are also everywhere in the new collections for this summer.  Whether it means lace up sections along the sides of a one-piece or across the front of a bikini top, there are plenty of ways to jump into the trend at whatever level works for you.  Even lace up straps around the body are a great way to keep your shape and jump into the trend.

New additions


Ruffles are popular at the moment in everything from tank tops to peasant tops and their touch of Boho has also made it to swimwear.  Whether in full-on full front ruffles or delicate little ones around the body, ruffles are a big trend.  And can also be a little helpful if your shape isn’t exactly what you were hoping for when the holiday time comes around.

Combining this ruffle trend is the off the shoulder look.  Okay, these aren’t the most practical for laps of the pool but they do look very summery and very Bohemian.  If you like the idea but aren’t so sure about the lack of straps keeping everything where it should be, check out some of the cold shoulder styles that have a bit of both.

The super minimalist swimsuit is still around in many different forms and if that is your thing, then go forth and flaunt it!  But for those who aren’t quite as brave, the good news is that there are plenty of trends to suit all shapes and sizes this summer.

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