Why Girls and Boys Play Games Differently

Myths around male and female players

When gaming is on the tapis, one can find quite a lot of amusing figures available online. For instance, there are “statistically proven” data telling us about males’ preference for RPGs, strategy games, first-person shooters and sport games. At the same time, a great fraction of female players is believed to be keen on opting for managerial, puzzle, fighting or adventure games. Well, and what’s of that? All this allegedly indicates that, whereas males look for social interaction and challenge, females’ top priority reasons for playing boils down to skill training and thrill-seeking… And it feels good to know all this is a load of old cobblers.

One of the facts that pop out frequently in various research is that female players benefit more from co-op playing than male gamers do. Whether it comes to table games or video slots those are males who play more aggressively and competitively. But is this really true?

Surprisingly, there’s no big difference in how males and females estimate situations that include team-work. This widely held belief is as false as those clichés that female players should adore pet and cooking games. At least with mobile online slots, the situation is not at all that misleading. If the story of a video slot is compelling and its gameplay is genuinely enjoyable, both male and female gamblers feel just great and enjoy winning money in the game.

So, how come the idea of gender differences between playing styles has become so popular?

Gambling and gaming styles: is gender really a culprit?

Surely, many are familiar with a marketing strategy known as market segmentation. And this is where the explanation becomes really simple. The truth is, everything including slot machine games is being differentiated by advertising specialists – just to assure that the aiming of the product is precise. The more accurate the aiming the better the product is sold. That’s it – the myth’s busted!

Of course, there exist minor differences between female and male gamers, and that is enough to keep the rumour going. Sellers segmenting the market use our natural need to belong to a social group to their own advantage. That is why they say: women like fruit slot games and men adore playing black jack, and so on. Obviously, this taste imposition should never muddle a player’s mind.

It’s way better to try to separate gamers into 4 commonly recognised archetype:

  • explorer (a player who fancy adventures);
  • social gamer (someone longing to interact with others);
  • achiever (this one is interested in unlocking achievements);
  • expert (a person who are eager to practice their gambling skills or master a specific game)

Someone who was not too lazy to check would discover that genders are quite equally spread out through all these archetypes.

As a result of the above said, we now should be able to tell when some game developers are trying to belie the reality. In the end, such thing as girl or boy games simply doesn’t exist. Players and gamblers shouldn’t limit themselves or identify themselves with such – playing is universal and unrestrained!

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