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Fall is a great time of the year with the beautiful colors of the season everywhere, the occasion bright and warm day and the freshness of a touch of frost.  But in many parts of the country, fall also means one not so good thing – the start of increasing energy bills.  As we get colder, we use more heating and this costs more money.  Therefore, finding gadgets that can save you money in other areas can help offset those utility bills.

Battery charger

If you have kids, use portable appliances or anything else that consumes battery power, one of the big money savers that we often forget about is a battery charger.  Sure it uses electricity to power it but the saving in terms of the cost of batteries means this cost is easily offset.  Kids are the worst culprits for battery usage as so many of their toys and gadgets use batteries.  But everything from digital cameras to alarm clocks use batteries and they seem to cost more every time we go to the supermarket to buy some.



This one not only saves you money in a big way but is also a healthy switch.  By using e-cigarettes or vaping products to help you stop smoking, you can save yourself a serious among of money on those tobacco products.  Nor are e-cigarettes the only option –  e shisha pens are the latest addition, disposable e-cigarettes that offer a wide range of flavors and can last around 300 puffs per cigarette.


Blenders are a kitchen essential for many people because they allow the creation of a wide range of foods and drinks easily.  There’s no doubt that making your own is cheaper than buying ready made products – smoothies are a perfect example.  Grab some frozen fruit or even some on the reduced stand and pop it in the blender for instant, healthy drinks that cost a fraction of the pre-bottled versions.

LED lights


While not great for every room in the house, LED lights have come a long way in a short time.  These products are extremely energy efficient and also offer a white light, unlike the slightly yellowish tinge of a normal lightbulb.  This can make it easier to see anything from a computer screen to a TV to a book and helps avoid eye strain as well as saving cash.

Smart meter

Going back to those pesky utility bills, one way to monitor your spending and potentially even save money is a smart meter or a programmable thermostat.  These allow you to set your home temperature to suit the occupancy – so when no-one is around, you can turn it right down.

The smart element comes from the fact it can be operated from software on your cell phone.  So if you find yourself coming home early, you can use your phone to change the thermostat and make sure the house is nice and warm when you get there.  Or if you are working late, put back the time it would switch on until nearer your return.

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