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How to make a grand entrance at your wedding

When it comes to celebrating a wedding, no expense should be spared but if done right, even couples on a tight budget will be able to create a special day that everyone will remember for years to come. Making a grand entrance at your wedding is easier to achieve than many people think and there’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and come swinging through the church door on a pendulum when it is far easier to organise a rental limo to arrive in.

In fact, turning up to a wedding ceremony in a limousine is often regarded as being one of the most important things that a bride or even the groom wants to do on their big day and there are lots of things to consider when renting a limousine for a wedding day, such as the cost and the colour of the car. Good value for money deals on limo hire in Perth, London or any big city around the world can be found with an online search and using the internet to find a limo rental service is a good way to compare rates from different companies in order to find the best deal.

Renting a Limo


Top Tip: However, it is worth pointing out that is it often worth spending a little bit more to get a reliable service, as the last thing anyone wants on their big day is to break down in their rented limo on the way to the ceremony!

Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when renting a limo:

  • What colour the car should be
  • What make and model to rent  
  • The number of people who need to fit inside the car
  • The cost

It is often a good idea to go to see the limousine in person before agreeing to rent it and this will make it easier to check out the condition of the car.

Below are a few tips about what should be done before agreeing to rent a limo:

  • Read referrals and reviews from past customers
  • Look through the entire fleet before deciding which car will work best
  • Check that the company has liability insurance

It is important to be able to make a grand entrance when turning up for a wedding ceremony and limo rental in Perth by Limousine Royalty is the perfect example of the type of company that offers reliable services for an affordable price.

Special Occasion


When marking a special occasion such as a wedding day, it is important to be able to do things that would not ordinarily be an option and there is no better day to rent a limousine than on a wedding day.

However, there are other occasions that can be celebrated by renting a limo such as a hen night, an anniversary dinner, a prom night, a special tour, an engagement party or even a corporate event and turning up in a limo is certainly a great way to make a once in a lifetime grand entrance.

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