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How to make you child the cutest kid in the neighborhood

It’s that time of year where fashion trends begin to change. The fall season is all about style with fashion week kicking it all of. This season tap into these fashion trends and make your child the best dressed on the block. With children’s fashion almost mirroring adult fashion, there are many trends that will surely make your kids the most stylish in the neighborhood.



Printed fabrics are big this season. Your kids will make a bold statement in bright colors and patterns in dresses, pants, and tops. Mixing colors and patterns is a unique way to stand out too.

Fashion has also taken a bit of a folksy turn. Look for styles with various embroideries: lace, fringe, appliqués, and ribbons.

In other trendy news, velour is making a comeback! This is a cute and comfortable fabric that kids will love. Other great fabric choices this season include cotton, linen, denim, and corduroy. These are materials that come and go every few years, so if you have any hand-me-downs now is the time to break those out!


Trendy Colors 

For color schemes, it’s recommended that pre-school age children wear clothes in warm colors. Black and white colors on kids decorated with some bright color accent or an original fashion accessory such as a scarf, belt, handbag, look very stylish, but this type of look is more festive.

Kids’ fashion doesn’t have to be expensive either. This adorable bandana sundress can be made easily using just your own combination of bandanas and a sewing machine. The best part is that your child’s dress will be totally unique, and you won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing.

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