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What Makes You A Good Date?

We are all individuals and as such we are all different, and this really shows when it comes to how and who we date. Some of us have always had success finding a partner whilst others are more timid; showing a lesser success; but does that make us a bad date? After all just because we date smaller quantities doesn’t mean that we cannot offer quality moments to our partner(s). Sure experience can go a long way into making us a better date, but some guys and girls still get it wrong after so many dates; whilst others make a good date even though they have less experience; so how does it all work?

Experience helps, but it is not everything.


You’ve heard it right: it takes a lot more than just practice to get things right. After all whether you are dating someone seriously or you just want to enjoy great sex tonight with a casual naughty date; you still need that special light that only you can create. Basically there is a lot more to dating than just technique. Just like a good musician, you need a good mixture of technique and soul; and in fact just having the soul might actually get you further than just being technically proficient. This is because when people date they want to meet someone special, even if the date is just a casual one night stand. In that specific case, someone that knows all the positions and tricks in bed but who lacks the humanity might still fail in providing pleasure to their partner; because sex is as much psychological as it is physical.

Respect and friendliness works best

The truth is that most people want to be treated well, and this is why acting in a respectful and considerate manner will gain you far more success than being and arrogant sexual tyrannosaurus who treats his partners like objects rather than people. Now we’re not saying that some people don’t like to be treated a bit roughly, but the general trend is that people want to be respected even if they are only after a bit of naughty fun. Obviously this makes more sense if you are looking for a long-term dating partner; in this case not only should you be friendly and respectful, but you really need to be honest about who you are. In both cases you shouldn’t lie, it’s just that serious dating does mean that you will need to be more accountable for your actions; whilst naughty dating will ask less from you.

Be yourself


The final thing to say is that whatever happens just stay faithful to yourself; don’t compromise on your personality too much. The more you are you, the more likely you are to find someone who actually works for you and appreciates you for who you are. Sure you will limit the amount of people you can date, but don’t forget what we said at the beginning of this article: it is about quality not quantity. Don’t go through hundreds of partners by lying to them; you still won’t be getting it right. Instead find the people that are right for you; your experience will be so much better and you will learn a whole lot more from it, making you the best date you can ever be.

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